Noli me tangere

Evocative and powerful, a sophisticated minimal performance for incarnate sound and sounding bodies. A physical score generated through the use of a sensitive sound environment applied to the performance. Messages from philosophy, poetry, literature intersect around body, intimacy, touch, in a tension between eros and thanathos, human and divine. The performance reads and dances Jean-Luc Nancy, Nietzsche, Nijinski and others. A nude scene, a number of microphones in a circle on piles of books, two bodies interact in a dramaturgy built through signs and actions on scene, multiplying the layers of meanings, merging conceptual and dramatic.

we start from a gap / separating time / unbridgeable space between human beings / time-space discrepancy / distance between the phases of being / lapse / void / interruption / tending to / suggesting a  / continuum / noli me tangere / do not touch me / do not hold me back / transfigured Christ pronounces to Mary Magdalene / impatience / urgency / tearing sometimes / as in the creative act / the performative act / do not hold me back from what I have to accomplish now / because it is ethical for art to be / perhaps even scandalous urgency of this ethics / of discovering / of showing / showing oneself exposed / going towards / an unavoidable action / yet also a taboo / of the contact / of allowing to be penetrate / of allowing to break in / and contaminate our sphere as individuals / attempt not to change status / renounce the ego / to go beyond / as the renunciation of corruption is sterile / non-fertile act / the warning becomes therefore lacerating / reminder to follow a path of transfiguration / towards a contact with / the impalpable knowledge of oneself / one’s duty to accomplish oneself  [Gabriella Riccio]

concept & creation Gabriella Riccio
dramaturgy Gabriella Riccio through Jean-Luc Nancy
with Gabriella Riccio, Alessandro Pintus
sound environment Gabriella Riccio, Massimo Scamarcio
literary environment Gabriella Riccioframmenti da  C.G.Jung, Nietzsche, Nijinsky, e altri…
stage photos Alessandra Finelli
produzione caosmos | cia gabriellariccio
with the support of  Region of Campania 2009
choreographic residency 2015/16 L’Asilo –
genre danza contemporanea e di ricerca
running time 45’

selected for Transitidanza 2 interregional project by Italian Ministry if Culture and the Italian National Theatre Institute MiBAC/ETI; Deus Ex Machina 0.1 new technologies applied to the performance curated by Mauro Petruzziello at Kollatino Underground, Rome and programmed by DOCK11, Berlin – The resumption of a work like Noli me tangere by its nature can only be a re-creation. The idea and the dramaturgical system remain intact. But the new lineup required a reflection on choreographic writing and a radical sound rewriting thanks to the availability of L’Asilo which welcomed and hosted the company for a choreographic residency.

Napoli, L’Asilo, prove aperte per gli operatori 30 >31 gennaio 2016
Napoli, L’Asilo,  anteprima a Sovrapposizioni//Overlap_la danza trova asilo,  6 novembre 2015
Bergamo, Auditorium Città di Albino, 11 settembre 2009
Berlino, Dock11, 30 giugno > 2 agosto 2009
Roma, Kollatino UndergroundDeus Ex Machina 0.1, 28 maggio 2009
Napoli, TIN Teatro Instabile, 2 > 5 aprile 2009
Napoli,  Nuovo Teatro NuovoTransitidanza 2, 14 dicembre 2008