MAGNIFICAT – first study for a better world

We started our workshop on November 16, three days after the Paris attacks. We could not fail to ask ourselves about the many other territories of the world, stages unaware of as many horrors: Rwanda, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Iran, USA, Russia. Appalled, we asked ourselves what artists can when the world is such a strong stage, any action on stage cannot fail to confront the strength of what is now happening in the world. Perhaps what artists can today is to be mad, mad with mad hope, mad with love. Magnificat is the first word that Mary utters when she meets Elizabeth, Magnificat embodies trust and insane hope. It is Parsifal, hero of compassion. It is the humanity that keep on walking…

idea creation & dramaturgy Gabriella Riccio
dance Francesco Ferraro
sound processing and original sound Massimo Scamarcio
video processing Loredana Antonelli
and with Gabriella Riccio, Gaetano Nocerino, Vanna Piacente Denies
stage photos Claudia Nuzzo
production caosmos | cia gabriellariccio
choreographic residency 2015/16 L’Asilo, Napoli
genre experimental contemporary dance performance
duration 20 ′

Naples, L’Asilo – – ​​Il Grande Vento, 29 December 2016,