Courageous, vulnerable, risk taking. Neapolitan Gabriella Riccio, is a river in full

Elisabetta Testa on TuttoDanza

Gabriella Riccio

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Independent choreographer and dancer, currently lives and works between Madrid (ES) and Naples (IT)  with more than 14 creations Gabriella Riccio is one of the recognized choreographers of the experimental dance scene in Italy (A. D’Adamo, edited by, Spazi per la danza contemporanea, Editoria & Spettacolo (2009). An eclectic profile with a vast artistic interest that leads to collaborations with different artists and disciplines, questioning dance itself, its limits and boundaries, beyond definitions and labels with a keen interest in the performer as a person and in the “other bodies”.

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Noli me tangere

Evocative and powerful, a sophisticated minimal performance for incarnate sound and sounding bodies. A physical score generated through the use of a sensitive sound environment applied to the peroformance. Messages from philosophy, poetry, literature intersect around body, intimacy, touch, in a tension between eros and thanathos, human and divine. The performance reads and dances Jean-Luc Nancy, Nietzsche, Nijinski and others. A nude scene, a number of microphones in a circle on piles of books, two bodies interact in a dramaturgy built through signs and actions on scene, multiplying the layers of meanings, merging conceptual and dramatic.

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What the press wrote

“Courageous, vulnerable, risk taking. Neapolitan Gabriella Riccio, is a river in full”
Elisabetta Testa on TuttoDanza

“In Riccio’s gaze, the echo of Pina Bausch’s dance-theatre is felt. This poetic proximity to the German artist’s visionary nature allows her to achieve a delicate balance between invention and consciousness; a dramaturgical movement in which she never fails the reflection on the being on stage of the body, in the infinite of space and time” Antonio Greco on Kajak a Philosophical Journey

“here the quotations become explicit references to the works of Francis Bacon and Bill Viola, in particular in Body of Light, so as to stratify the references and widen the reading plans”
Noemi Pittaluga on Exibart in Arteatro editor Piersandra De Matteo

“In times of scenic writing and new dramaturgies of the body, the experiment proposed by Noli me tangere … represents an intriguing signal launched to the current paths of theatrical research. A complex and seductive score”
Stefano de Stefano on il Corriere del Mezzogiorno


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